So…you had an awesome website built in 2009 and it was really awesome back in the day.  You had it all built in Flash and every single element on the page was animated.  It was really cool.  I get it.  But things have changed since 2009 and flash isn’t as cool as it used to be.  There is good news though.  You can change!  I’ve found the following steps to be helpful in getting an updated website:

  1. Recognize that your site is old.
  2. Swallow your pride.
  3. Contact Lead Website Designs to get a quote for a new site.
  4. Get an awesome new website.
  5. Get that website updated every 3 years. (Included with monthly hosting subscription.)

I know.  Going through these steps is easier said than done.  But it’s worth it.  Here are the top 3 reasons this is a good idea.

1.) It’s likely that your site design isn’t responsive.

What does that mean? It means that your site isn’t optimized for tablets and phones.  On a desktop computer it may look fine but when using a mobile device you’re doing a lot of pinching and zooming.  That’s not good because as of today, about 50% of traffic is mobile traffic.  So you’re paying money to have a site up that doesn’t fulfill its purpose to 50% of its visitors.

2.) Your business has changed since the initial launch but your site doesn’t show that.

If your site is older than 5 years (heck, even 1 year) and it hasn’t been updated, chances are things have changed within your organization and your site isn’t showing it.  It could be an organizational change.  It could be an out-dated landing page that advertises a service you no longer sell.  It could be a contact form that needs some additional fields or your photos may look a little antiquated. Don’t worry though.  You’re not alone.  This is a common occurrence but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about it.

3.) Lack of purpose

You probably got your site up because you knew you needed one. Maybe you didn’t put much thought into specifically what you wanted your site to do. Do you want visitors to fill out a contact form? Do you want them to buy your products? Do you just want an informational site that’s basically a digital brochure? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions before, now is the perfect time because they will help you create the vision for your new site.

If you’ve got an old site that needs updated, give us a call.  We’d be happy to help and we’d love to see it never grow stale again!